In this TUTORIAL, i have my Globe Tattoo stick model Huawei E153u-2 (the one in red box). I use Smart sim card to unlock my modem/datacard/tattoostick/broadband or whatever you called it =)

No internet connection is required!

Step 1: Download first the Huawei-Modem-Unlockerv5.8.1

Step 2: Insert/connect your Globe Tattoo stick with any sim card (other than Globe) to your lappy or computer. Dashboard* will appear on the screen (pic below). Notice that on the lower left of my dashboard, i have no smart signal or smart site bar. Click "Ok" and "x" on the upper right corner of the dashboard to close it.

*my dashboard maybe looks different to you guys 'coz i upgraded it to replace Globe Tattoo dashboard =)

Step 3: Now, open Huawei Modem Unlocker . It should detect your modem/tattoo stick automatically. If not, then choose "Auto Connection" on the connection mode. Close the huawei modem unlocker & open it again.

Step 4: Once your modem/tatto0 stick has now been detected, click the "Calculate" button to read the nck & flash code.

Step 5: Check the "Auto-Unlock MOdem" on the direct modem reader/unlocker & click the "UNLOCK" button.

Step 6: On the RESULT-Modem Status (see pic below), when it says "SIM in Modem is accepted. Unlocked" means you have successfully unlocked your modem/tattoo stick and you can now connect to the sim card network you used.

Step 7: Close the Huawei Modem Unlocker & click or open the Globe Tattoo icon to display the dashboard again. As you can see (pic below), i have now smart signal or smart site bar on the lower left of my dashboard.

Step 8: Now, configure your smart settings to connect (go to tools > options > profile management > & click the "new" button).

Step 9: Click connect & you are now DONE!

#This Huawei Modem Unlocker will unlock your modem/tattoo stick temporarily & will relock after you unplug it from your lappy/computer.

# You can now try and use Ultrasurf or VPN to have Free Internet



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